Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Crowns

Last year, in an attempt to add something to the dress up box that was more for a boy, I made my son a birthday crown. I used red felt doubled up, decorated it with colorful jewels, and put velcro at the back to make it adjustable. It turned out great. My son loved wearing it for his special day, and uses it to be a king, prince, superhero or a pirate now.

Not only did my son like it, my daughter...the owner of plenty of non-homemade princess paraphernalia... liked it, too. And...she insisted on having a birthday crown of her own for her special day. I took my original idea and turned it more into a princess crown, while still using the same idea of two layers of felt with a jeweled layer on top.

I'm proud to say that my little princess sometimes grabs her pink felt crown instead of her shiny plastic one. Sometimes...every rare once in a while. I will say though, that with how kids "take care" of many of their toys, the felt one will probably far outlast the flimsy plastic one. The plastic one will probably have to disappear in the middle of the night after failed attempts to glue it back together; it will join the former plastic wand, the other 2 plastic crowns and one horribly bent pair of fairy wings in plastic princess heaven. The felt ones will remain firmly grounded in the dress up box.

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