Saturday, March 8, 2008

Homemade Playdough

I was given this recipe for homemade playdough from my daughter's preschool teacher. It is so easy and the feeling of warm playdough, fresh off the stove, is almost as good as squishing your toes in the mud was when you were a kid.

the Playdough receipe is as follows:
2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tbsp. cream of tarter (or alum)

Add to dry ingredients:
2 cups water
2 tsp. food coloring
2 TBSP oil

Stir all together in pan

Heat on stove to when the dough starts to look firm. Stir frequently.

Remove from the pan on to the counter top and knead with your hands before playing with it.


When I've made playdough, I've thought about 2 senses...sight (fun bright colors) and touch (how soft the playdough recipe is). Thanks to my fellow moms at Mothering by Grace, I've been educated about the smell of playdough. Here are a couple of ideas for adding wonderful scent to your playdough:
  • add a bit of vanilla or almond extract (or any extract) to the playdough with the wet ingredients
  • add pepermint extract (pair with green or red food coloring, put in a baggie with a red/green ribbon, tie on a small Christmas cookie cutter and hand out as a little Christmas gift)
  • Or...if you want fruity smells...add a packet of unsweetened Kool-aid mix at the beginning (with the dry ingredients). This takes care of both the smell and the color (no need to add in the food coloring) The blue playdough above was made with a pack of Berry-Burst Kool-aid.
Other fun add-ins:
  • glitter (I mentioned this one to my daughter; she really wants to try it)
  • ???? (Let me know, I can't think of anything brain is full of Spanish reflexive verbs for my test on Monday.)

Adventures in Homemade

Over the past three years, I have discovered the value and fun of things that are homemade. The delight in my children's faces when they open cloth play food, the dolly sling, or play with fresh made playdough is only part of the fun (maybe the best part...but still only part). I have as much fun making things for them, for my other family members, for my friends and even for myself. It may not always be pretty; it may take a few trials to get it right and a few frustrations along the way, but it's still worth it for the fun and the adventure of homemade.