Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crochet Finger Puppets and Hand Puppets

About the time I last posted on this site (I know...I was a long time ago), I decided to see what crocheting was all about. So, I looked up some video instructions on YouTube and gave it a try. Here are some of my first attempts....

Lion, ducky and monkey are not from a pattern. In fact, up until recently, I never used a pattern for crocheting...I just couldn't find exactly what I wanted to make. I think, out of this bunch, monkey turned out the best. Lion is definitely lacking.

Next I tried to make a hand puppet with a opening mouth (cookie monster). He turned out pretty well, the only downside is that only a child can operate his mouth as I made him a little small. While I was practicing different stitches and trying to figure out what stitch was used on a bag that my mother-in-law had purchased for my daughter, I made something that my son determined was Larry the cucumber from VeggieTales. I recently (finally) added Larry's face, so that now, he really looks like Larry. Larry is a little big for a finger puppet, though, my kids can fit at least 3 fingers in.

After I was done with my "practicing" I decided to tackle some Christmas and birthday presents...

These three were for my nephew for his birthday. If any of you are familiar with Sandra Boynton...these are from her story "Pajamas" in the book Snoozers. I was pretty happy with how they turned out.

Elmo and the princess were stocking suffers for my two children. I always meant to add arms and a collar to the princess...but as of yet, she still doesn't have them.

The only other thing I wanted to post here was the Bert and Ernie finger puppets and the full sized Cookie Monster that I gave to another nephew at Christmas...but I'm still trying to figure out who's camera I used to take pictures of them :-) I'm finishing up a full sized Oscar puppet to add to this set, I will post that when it's done (It was almost finished, but the mouth wasn't quite I'm taking it apart and fixing it...this is the downside of not working off of patterns, I end up pulling out and redoing stuff a lot. I think I redid Ernie's head about 5 times...I'm getting better, though.).

Over all...I've had lots of fun with the new crochet thing. I already have a short list of things I want to make for the baby that I am expecting.



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